Top 9 WordPress Plugins – Part 2

It’s been quite some time since I posted my first list of 9 essential WordPress plugins over at Blogging Blog. I feel like it’s about time for another look at what I use, and what I feel is necessary. Without further adieu, my list:

  1. Akismet – This one still takes my top spot. Without Akismet, I would spend 90% of my blogging time ( which isn’t very much ) weeding out spam comments. More likely, I’d have to disable comments and trackbacks, and I’d hate to do that. Akismet catches most of the spam so I don’t have to delete it, and you don’t have to see it.
  2. Subscribe to Comments – This one adds a little check box at the end of a post that allows a user to subscribe to the comments of the post. If you’re like me, you forget where you leave comments, and rarely go back to check for replies. This plugin emails your readers whenever someone posts a follow up to their comments. Very nice.
  3. WP-Cache – This one comes with WordPress, but everyone needs to make sure they turn it on. Basically it creates a cache of your dynamic ( php ) pages, which reduces the server load. What does it mean to you? Faster loading time, less crashing, and a happier web host.
  4. Bunny’s Technorati Tags – I still like the simplicity of tagging my posts with Bunny’s Technorati Tags. I may go to a ‘tagless’ design, rather I may use categories as my only tags in the future. But for now I’m happy with this plugin, and I use it on all my blogs.
  5. Optimal Title – Reconfigures the default title of your post – a more detailed explanation is here. This is for SEO purposes, and makes things look a little nicer. While I don’t use this plugin on all my blogs anymore, I still feel it’s a very important one. If you’re not a big PHP buff, this makes your life easy.
  6. Ultimate Google Analytics – I prefer Google Analytics for my web metrics, and this plugin makes it so I don’t have to add it manually to every template. A must-have on every blog that users Analytics.
  7. WP-Cron – Allows you to set automatic tasks to run at periodic intervals, namely WordPress Database Backup.
  8. WordPress Database Backup – works in conjunction with WP-Cron, allowing automatic backups to be emailed to you. If you’re not backing up your blog, start right now. You never know when you’ll have a crash.
  9. Google Sitemap Generator – A Google sitemap helps Google index your blog more quickly and more completely. If you like Google traffic, install this plugin.

Again, I have 9 essential WordPress plugins. Why 9? Well, I’m a fan of making a list exactly as long as it needs to be, and no longer. In this case, I can think of 9 top wordpress plugins, so that’s how long my list is. Since my last list, I’ve noticed that I have less plugins installed overall; I tend to stick with the essentials only these days. What about you – what WordPress plugins can’t you live without?

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