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Llama Ads

This site has never been a real moneymaker with Adsense, despite getting a pretty good amount of traffic.  I’ve never been particularly happy with the amount of money it makes.  So I decided to do something about it. Enter Llama Ads.  I’m working on putting together my very own rudimentary ad system.  This way, I […]

Airline tickets to Seattle Triple in Price

Over the last 24 hours, tickets to Seattle, Washington have tripled in price or more, for all major airlines. The rest of the country seems to be strangely unaffected by this surge in airline ticket prices. Some are saying that it’s a pending sign of the Apocalypse, but people say that for everything. It’s more […]

Most people are bad tippers

I just read an article called How to Avoid Accidental Overtipping, at 2 Pennies Earned. The gist of the article is that you should tip based on the subtotal, and not the after-tax total. You may be tipping $1-$2 too much ( !! ) every time you eat out. If you’re obsessing over $1 when […]

Top 9 WordPress Plugins – Part 2

It’s been quite some time since I posted my first list of 9 essential WordPress plugins over at Blogging Blog. I feel like it’s about time for another look at what I use, and what I feel is necessary. Without further adieu, my list: Akismet – This one still takes my top spot. Without Akismet, […]

Blog Review –

This post is a review of – part of his review series. is the blog of ( surprise ) John Chow. I don’t really know who John Chow is, and to be frank, I don’t care even a little bit. But I discovered his blog about 2 months ago or so, and I’m […]

Some like it hot – Cowgirls Espresso

In most of the country, Starbucks is as good as it gets for coffee. Sure, the coffee is good, and you have lots of choices. But the service is clearly lacking; usually the stores are staffed by high- school teenagers who are more often than not on some sort of chemically induced high. People definitely […]



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