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Baltimore passes smoking ban, fixed all problems

Baltimore has officially banned smoking in bars – so we can say that their biggest problem is solved. Yes, the Murder Capital of America has banned smoking inside of bars – Wooha! Nevermind the ridiculously high murder rate ( especially horrible considering the small size of the city ), rape, armed robbery, and various violent […]

How to look like you’re hard at work ( While doing as little as possible )

Always have papers or a file in your hand as you walk.  Always  Walk with your head down, staring at said papers.  If you’re too busy to put down your papers while you’re walking, you must be very busy. If you cannot find papers and you must walk, hold your cell phone up to your […]

5 Services I’d still use if they weren’t free

There’s a post over at Frantic Industries that lists services that you would still use if they weren’t free. Here’s their list: Netvibes Google Calendar WordPress Google Maps Yahoo! Pipes My list is quite a bit different, but here goes. WordPress. I never would have tried it if it wasn’t free, however if it went […]

Blogs vs Mini-Sites

Often I go back and forth about which is a better use of my time – blogging, or creating individual mini-sites. Both have advantages and disadvantages, and I can’t seem to decide which is a better choice. Why blogs are better Flexibility Blogs allow a lot more freedom of thought than a static website does. […]

Comment encouragement

One can never have too many comments, regardless of the topic at hand. Topics mean that people are interested, and want to join in the conversation. However, people are lazy ( I’m one of them ), and don’t always like to comment. I try to make it as easy as possible here, and don’t require […]

Adwords Quality Score can be strange

Michael Gray, aka Graywolf, famous for his SEO blog, has a problem. See, he bids on his name, Michael Gray, on Adwords. Naturally, his name appears all over the place on his site – in fact, it appears on every single page as far as I can tell. The problem is that Adwords gave his […]



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