January 2007 Online Earnings Report

The first month of 2007 is behind us, and all I can think is what a year this is going to be! Across the board, and without exception, January was my best month with regards to making money online. Total net profit was up a whopping 71% from December 2006. That’s nothing short of fan-freaking-tastic. I love to see that number increase; it’s what keeps me motivated, and what keeps me wanting to make more.

Let’s break it down and look at what made up the increase. Adsense profit was up just barely, at 0.31%. Now, that number is actually a lot better than it looks. My hosting bill was due in January, and I split the cost 50/50 between my Adsense and affiliate lines. Why? I don’t know, it seemed good at the time. Without this one-time charge, Adsense income was actually up 21% over last month. Why the increase? Well, I kept at the blogging game very hard, pumping out over 70 posts on one site. A new record, blowing away the 50 from December.

Text Link ads showed a 61% increase from December – phenomenal. Just outstanding. I can’t really say enough about that, except that I expect it to increase, as 2 more of my sites should become eligible for TLA inclusion very shortly, hopefully this month.

And finally, the elusive affiliate profits came through for me. The amount was not huge, but I’m happy with it for a few reasons. One, I lost a bunch on affiliate programs / PPC in December. Two, I made a profit here even after the hosting charge – it’s a pretty significant swing all told. Making money here definitely gives me the flexibility to experiment more, and hopefully find some more winners to add to my collection of campaigns.

Overall, my income mix is starting to look better. Adsense made up 64% of my income, which I still feel is too high a percentage from one source, though it’s much better than December’s 80%. Look for this number to come down below 50% over the course of this year. I’d like to add a few more sources to the three I have here, but I haven’t found a really good candidate.

That’s my January 2007 – and I’m off to a good start already in February. Here’s to my best month yet!

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