Think outside the box

The longer you wait, the harder it gets. The box gets bigger all the time, and it isn’t going to stop. What was once a great, different, very ‘outside the box’ idea isn’t anymore. Your great idea today could become mainstream and boring tomorrow. Better to be first than “me-too”.


  1. Garry Conn said

    February 2 2007 @ 2:31 pm


    The box is as big or small you make it. Keep it to a level of basics. Keep it simple, and you can easily climb out of that box, get your digital camera out and take pictures of this box.

    The box is the same size for everyone. The box is your imagination and creativity.

    yes, everyone writes about technology… true. But the box to think out of is how your present technology to your readers.

    Blogging and gaining a reader base and building trust is by people learning more about who you are as a person through your writing and blogging. The box is you baby! Take your thoughts out of the box and put them into writing.

    Your site is awesome… and I think it is long over due for someone to come here and tell you that.

    I will be covering your site in my weekly newsletter called The Successful Blogger.

    In my eyes, this site rocks! And is an example of what other blogs should look like and talk about in order to draw in more success.

    Nice work,

  2. Garry Conn said

    February 2 2007 @ 2:34 pm

    Stretching my point: I missed something.

    Everyone blogs about tech, sports, politics, etc… it is you who has the ladder to climb out.

    Your site is great because it isn’t over saturated in advertising… yeah, money is good, it would be nice to make some… but Blogging and writing seems to be your priority and to me, that is trust, that is relationship building…

    You think more about me instead of what’s in my wallet… and that is why I am becoming more of a repeat visitor here.

  3. Leroy Brown said

    February 2 2007 @ 2:40 pm

    Good point about the ads. They’re a bit of a necessary evil… they have to be there unfortunately. I made an effort to keep them at a minimum, so they don’t take over and color the site.

  4. Garry Conn said

    February 2 2007 @ 2:55 pm

    Advertisement is not evil. It is stupid to have on a site where people don’t trust you. Do you trust someone in car sales? No… so when people make their sites look like a car lot… what do you think reader’s first impressions are going to be?

    Advertisement is not evil. Your site is an example of a great balance. I am not sure how effective your sponsored link is… but that is not the issue.

    The discussion is the fact that your site is balanced. It looks good, you want to make a few dollars with it, if you do.. great! If not… then what are you gonna do? Stop blogging… NO!

    Some people do… Some people have admitted to me that they blog for the purpose of making money! And you know… that is fine! Nothing wrong with that.

    But the problem is, how people go about doing it…

    Readers have to trust you.

    Readers have to like you.

    Reader have to believe in you and believe in the content you write.

    If you have that… then you have people that will click/view/buy when ever you ask them to.

    Look at Darren Rowse at If he created a post and told his viewers that there is going to be a wide spread virus about to happen in the next 48 hours and told everyone that you NEED to buy this particular anti-virus software to protect yourself and provided people with a link to buy the product, he would rack in so much money it’s crazy!

    Does he do that? NO!!! Why… because he is trustworthy and an awesome person!

    Never take advantage of your readers… never never never.

    All this and more… is why I like your site. I do think that you can make more money from the site, and I can help you with that. I want to invite you to spend some time reading the article I write. It all depends on what your focus is. What is your goal that you are trying to achieve that will deliver you your own personal feeling of success?

    Do you want comments? Do you want money? Do you want readers? Do you want to spread the word of God? Do you want to voice a political opinions and convert people?

    That is what blogging is about! Content is king… money is made from content. Which was read by people who trust the content… and the content is written by you. You are a trusted person and people respect you.

    That’s the BOX!

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