Sprint Mobile Broadband

Ok, so I’m thinking about getting a Sprint Mobile Broadband card with the unlimited plan. Yea, the plan is expensive at $60/ month, but it would make my life a little bit easier, so I think it’s worth it. My problem is that I have no idea which card to pick. Sprint’s website lists 3 cards – the Novatel S720 for $99 , the Pantech PX-500 for $0, or the Sierra Wireless Aircard 595 for $99.

All three cards seem to support the new EVDO Rev. A, so no differences there. My question is, which one should I get, and why? I don’t mind paying more if one of the $99 cards is better; in fact, I’d rather do that. Speed / latency are my biggest concerns here, so the extra hundred bucks would be well worth it, if there’s a benefit. At the same time, no reason to spend the extra money if they all perform about the same. Any recommendations?

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