Who is Tammy Nyp

I was putzing around on Technorati this afternoon, when I took notice of the top searches, as I do every now and again. Number 10 on the list is a lady named Tammy Nyp. Now usually the top searches are people or things that I’m familiar with, but I hadn’t the slightest idea who in the world Tammy Nyp was. After a little digging, here’s the jist of her story.

See, Tammy Nyp, a cheerleader from Singapore, decided to use her cell phone to take a few videos of herself and her boyfriend doing.. well.. use your imagination. This wouldn’t have been a big deal if her cell phone wasn’t stolen shortly afterwards. It seems the thief was a fan of Tammy’s video, and posted them online. Spreading like wildfire across the Internet, and BLAM, Tammy Nyp is an instant porn star.

My question is why in the world did that make her so famous? I’m sure lots of people have sex videos floating around out there unintentionally… what is so special about Tammy Nyp that puts her on the top 10 Technorati list for so long of a time?


  1. Leonard Chen said

    February 21 2007 @ 6:40 am

    Well you see, Tammy is a Singaporean like myself. In Singapore, having a porn video of oneself floating around is BIG especially since 1) this is not everyday news, and 2) people wanted to see how she looked like.

    Also as Asians, we are generally considered conservative. So a sex clip of an 18 yr old kinda making the headlines just got everyone wanting to watch the action themselves.

    Moreover the actual story was that the thief who stole her phone had no idea of those videos in there. She was jealous of Tammy for certain reasons and when she found the videos, she thought it was the best way to ruin her Tammy’s reputation.

    It’s a classic case of jealousy.

  2. Leroy Brown said

    February 21 2007 @ 10:10 am

    Ahh ok Leonard, that makes sense, if it’s largely a cultural thing. I guess it would be a little different if she was here in the States. Unless you’re famous around here, no one makes too big a deal of stuff like that. Cultural climate can make all the difference.

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