Adwords Quality Score can be strange

Michael Gray, aka Graywolf, famous for his SEO blog, has a problem. See, he bids on his name, Michael Gray, on Adwords. Naturally, his name appears all over the place on his site – in fact, it appears on every single page as far as I can tell.

The problem is that Adwords gave his site a “Poor” quality score rating – which means his minimum bid is $.40. This wouldn’t be a terrible bid at all if it was on a money making term – one’s name usually isn’t. It’s just a means to capture a bit of extra traffic.

If one’s own name isn’t a good keyword to bid on in Adwords, then what in the world is? If I bid on Green Llama, what would Google think? Would I earn the prestigious “Great” quality score, or would I be stuck in “Poor” hell like Michael?

Google’s Quality score has it’s plusses, but it’s stupid things like this that make me hate it. For situations like these, when the computer model obviously fails to do it’s job properly, there needs to be human oversight to override it. Anyone at Google listening?

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