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One can never have too many comments, regardless of the topic at hand. Topics mean that people are interested, and want to join in the conversation. However, people are lazy ( I’m one of them ), and don’t always like to comment. I try to make it as easy as possible here, and don’t require any registration of any sort. There are also no captcha’s ( and this will remain as long as spam stays checked ).

However, just making it easy isn’t always enough. Sometimes you need to take an extra step, and give something back. If I want someone to take the time to comment and add value to my site, what can I offer them? Well I’m not sending out checks, if that’s what you’re thinking. Sorry, I’m not rolling in cash that way.

However, I’ve taken the time to install two plugins that will create an inentive ( albeit a small one ) to comment more often.  The first one has been around since my last redesign, and I like it quite a bit.

Show Top commentators – Does what it says.  It displays a list of the people who have commented the most times on your site.  You can set it to reset monthly, or weekly if you prefer.  Their name includes a link directly to their site.  The big win for them, in addition to a bit of free traffic, is that the link doesn’t have “nofollow” attached to it.  A little bit of Google Juice never hurt anyone, right?

Link Love – This one I just installed today.  Whenever a person posts 10 or more comments ( this number is fully customizable by changing one little line of code ), they are considered a “trusted commentator” and the “nofollow” attribute is removed from all their links.  So each time they post a comment, it’s a good link to their site; one that Google will follow.  I currently have this number set to 2, so it’s easily attainable.

I don’t know if bribing people in exchange for comments is the right thing to do.   However, I do believe in rewarding them.  After all, they’re taking a moment to comment here, and I appreciate that.  Installing these two plugins is a little thing I can do to show that.


  1. Cory OBrien said

    February 23 2007 @ 1:37 pm

    Only two required, huh? Well, here’s my first of two comments then! Seriously though, as a blogger myself, I do find it hard to generate comments even when you have a growing readership. I definitely like the Top Commentators idea, and I may just implement something similar into my site. I’ve found that, just like this post, the best way to get comments at first is just to ask. Hopefully a little encouragement is all you needed, and you’ll start to see the flowing conversations in no time.

    Cory O’Brien

  2. Leroy Brown said

    February 23 2007 @ 2:44 pm

    Heya Cory,
    Yup, 2 is the number for now. I wanted to make it nice and easy. That way, it’s an encouragement, but people won’t start posting crap comments just for the link, hopefully.

    Lots of readers are silent, and it’s hard to blame them. It’s easy to just read and not worry about talking back. It’s our job to get people to open up a little, and give us some feedback. Otherwise, how do we know if our readers are really enjoying themselves?

  3. Jeremy Steele said

    February 24 2007 @ 2:23 pm

    I know of one good way to get some quick comments…

    Post the Goatse 😛

    People would be talking in no time.

  4. Leroy Brown said

    February 26 2007 @ 6:56 am

    Alright, I’ll bite. What in the heck is the Goatse? I know, I know, I’m sure I could Google it, but hey, I’m lazy and not afraid to admit it!

  5. maqfwl said

    June 12 2007 @ 3:40 pm

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