5 Services I’d still use if they weren’t free

There’s a post over at Frantic Industries that lists services that you would still use if they weren’t free. Here’s their list:


Google Calendar


Google Maps

Yahoo! Pipes

My list is quite a bit different, but here goes.

  1. WordPress. I never would have tried it if it wasn’t free, however if it went to a paid model I would stay on board, and pay a reasonable price for it. The software is that good, and I wouldn’t even feel cheated.
  2. Firefox. I like IE7, but not enough to use it primarily. If Firefox cost a few bucks, I’d pony up.
  3. Windows Live Writer. It’s the only blog writing application that I actually like. I’m so used to it now that I feel out of place when I write a post from the WordPress console.
  4. Bloglines. Lots of people say Google Reader is better, but I’m a creature of habit. Bloglines works for me, and it’s comfortable.
  5. Gmail. Best online email since the dawn of the internet, bar none.

That’s about it for my list. I love Google Maps, but if it went paid, there’s always Mapquest or Yahoo Maps to pick up the slack. Google maps isn’t *that* much better than the competition, I just prefer it.


  1. angel said

    March 4 2007 @ 11:49 pm

    I completely agree about Firefox…I’ve only used IE7 a half dozen times and really it just irks me. Firefox is the epitomy of what I feel a good browser should be.

    And Gmail owns me. Literally…I’d use it completely if I could (I practically do other than some old address I just keep functional). I love everything about it. EVERYTHING!

  2. Leroy Brown said

    March 5 2007 @ 10:54 am

    IE 7 is almost good – I think that’s what bugs me. If I could just fix the title bar / navigation area, I think I’d be a lot more ok with it. But I’d still use Firefox.. it’s certainly easier to code for as well.

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