February 2007 Online Earnings Report

February is the shortest month of the year, which usually means it’s one of the toughest in terms of making money online. For me, that was just not the case. After a record-breaking January, I crushed the short-lived record in February. Total net profit for all my online ventures was up a fantastic 100% from January – that’s fully double the profit vs last month. Not much I can about that except, keep months like this coming!

Time to break it down and see what brought about the impressive increase. Long a favorite of mine, Adsense continued to be a solid earner, up 16% over last month. What’s truly important about my Adsense earnings is not the increase, but rather the percentage of my total earnings that it represents. Every single month since I’ve been making money online, Adsense has been my biggest earner – usually by a large margin. In February, that changed. Adsense made up just 37% of my total net profit – a big swing from last month’s 64%!

The main reason I think I’m seeing continued Adsense increases is because of my diligence in keeping my post counts up. I belted out 85 posts on my biggest Adsense earning site – a new record in and of itself. I’m going to try to maintain the high post counts, because I want to see my Adsense numbers continue to climb.

Text Link Ads has always been solid for me as well. In February, I saw a 48% jump in TLA earnings – partially due to a few extra links sold, but also due to some affiliate signups. I know, I know, affiliate earnings belong in the affiliate section. For some reason I continue to lump them in with regular TLA earnings, and I’ll probably keep doing it. TLA earnings represented 19% of my total net profit for February – that’s down a bit from the 26% it accounted for last month.

The big story for February is the affiliate game. A few winners in my growing portfolio of affiliate programs made up for some hideous losers. Overall affiliate profits were up a stunning 799%. That’s right, an 800% increase vs last month – that’s just sick! The significant increase made it so that affiliate programs earned me more than Adsense – they accounted for 43% of my net profit in February, vs just 9% in January.

I’m starting to like my income mix more and more as I continue to make adjustments in my strategy. 43% of net profit from affiliate programs makes me feel pretty good, especially considering that the income is spread between several affiliate networks to further diversify it. While Adsense numbers continue to increase for me, I do want to see that % of my total income continue going down as it has been.

What’s next for March? Well, I’m pulling the plug on some affiliate programs that I’ve been bleeding money on. No sense throwing more money away when the money train has moved on. But don’t worry, I’m not the complacent type. I’ve got a few more projects in the pipeline, that will hopefully go live this month and start adding to the mix. Here’s to March – I’ve got an extra 3 days to make it even better than February.

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