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Many ebooks are launched every month – more and more all the time, as a matter of fact. I try to keep my eye on the big launches, and see if the product is a hit or a miss. One of the big launches recently in the ebook world was Guru Slayer.

Right off the bat, Guru Slayer is a strong name. It has hype built right in – and it doesn’t try to hide it. And the sales page is pretty strong as well; it’s full of promise. Right at the beginning, I was reminded of Day Job Killer‘s sales page, with this excerpt –

“WARNING! If your the type of person that is easily shocked, offended or rattled, I urge you to leave this page now because chances are your about to explode…

That’s the same reverse psychology that was used with DJK, and I think it may be a tired approach already. Some of the claims made on the sales page include:

  • You don’t need a huge advertising budget
  • You don’t need to understand search engines
  • Use the Guru’s own tricks to beat them

Based on my Profits vs Cash Flow post, I think it’s clear that your advertising budget always needs to be much larger than you planned – especially if you’re using pay per click to drive traffic. Plus, “huge advertising budget” is an extremely subjective term. Andrew Fox, the author of Guru Slayer, may think that $10,000 is not a huge advertising budget. Most people, especially those starting out ( and thus the target demographic of Guru Slayer ) would likely beg to differ. *Note – I’m not saying that you need $10,000 to spend on advertising to make the Guru Slayer program work – just that you can’t spend $100 and hope to make a million.

It’s very important to have a grasp on how search engines work, if you’re planning to use PPC to drive traffic. If you don’t understand the basic principles, then you’re likely to blow a huge wad of cash and have little or nothing to show for it. There are hundreds of resources available to teach you the basics of search and PPC – it would have been easy for Andrew to include a link to something of this nature. Downplaying it’s importance was not the best choice, in my opinion.

I read through Guru Slayer twice, to make sure I got it all. I didn’t get the feeling that I was slaying any Gurus at any point. When I read Day Job Killer, I felt that there was a much stronger passion against Guru’s. I simply didn’t feel any anger towards the Guru’s when I read Guru Slayer. I think the title of the book was a little misleading, in that fashion.

The other gripe I have with Guru Slayer is the first sentence in the ebook –

The guide that is going to *SHAKE* the Internet Marketing Industry upside down.

Again, I think this is an over-use of hype. Nothing in the entire book made me feel like I was about to become part of an Internet Marketing revolution. It simply wasn’t an earth-shattering book, and there weren’t earth-shattering tactics contained inside.

Ok, enough of the bad, was Guru Slayer any good?

If you’re able to look past the hype, and not get yourself over-excited about some of the far-reaching promises, then there is some hope. While Guru Slayer doesn’t live up to it’s huge buildup, it does provide some solid information. However, rather than a revolutionary set of tactics, it’s more of a fundamental approach. Internet Marketing has changed over the years, but some core strategies and procedures have continued to work over time. Refinement off these techniques is what makes people money consistently.

Refocusing on these core techniques is what Guru Slayer is all about. Simple things that many marketers – even experienced ones – may overlook, but can potentially put more money in your pocket. This is what Guru Slayer has to offer, and what it excels at. The techniques are sound, and proven. But they will require work, and some sort of financial investment. If you’re looking for a revolutionary new money-printing system that makes you rich overnight with no investment, then please, look elsewhere. Or rather, don’t look at all, because it doesn’t exist. But if you can look past the hype and the excitement, then Guru Slayer may have something to offer you.

How much does Guru Slayer cost?

The launch price of Guru Slayer is $77. Andrew says that the price will go up to $97 later, but doesn’t say when. While that sounds like a hype tactic, it’s actually how ebooks usually work. They launch at a low price, increase, and then much, much later in their life, they are sold at a discount again. But for right now, you can get in on the $77 launch price, which isn’t bad for the information inside.

And remember, if you buy Guru Slayer and aren’t impressed, then you have nothing to worry about. Clickbank offers an 8 week return policy – so you have plenty of time to put the strategies into effect, and see if they work for you. If you can’t get anything going, get a refund – it’s as simple as that. But you’ll never know unless you try, right?

*Disclaimer : If you plan to buy Guru Slayer, please do so via one of my links. I do receive a portion of the cost of the ebook. However, you’ll notice that I always write objective reviews, and don’t overly hype any product.


  1. Alex Goad said

    April 12 2007 @ 11:25 pm

    I also own Guru Slayer and I can attest that your review is fair and balanced.

    It’s too bad its hyped so much because that makes people believe in magic button tactics, which the book isn’t about.

    The buyers may end up missing out on the wisdom of it because they look for the “industry shaking” tips. Truth is I think they are there. If everybody that bought it got up and followed those tips, the marketplace would look very different in no time.

  2. Leroy Brown said

    April 13 2007 @ 7:40 pm

    I hope that people can look past all the excess hype – I really thing there’s some good techniques in the book. The fluff is just unnecessary IMHO.

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