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When should you start monetizing your blog?

I was reading a post just the other day that Mitch wrote on, about the downside of monetizing a blog too early in it’s life. He has some good points, especially about progressing from publishing free information to selling ebooks. However, I have trouble agreeing with the whole concept. When you first start a […]

Guru Slayer Review

Many ebooks are launched every month – more and more all the time, as a matter of fact. I try to keep my eye on the big launches, and see if the product is a hit or a miss. One of the big launches recently in the ebook world was Guru Slayer. Right off the […]

Man’s leg falls off during failed robbery attempt

Ok, so you you’ve decided to steal an ATM machine. Whatever choices in your life led you to make this decision aren’t important – you’ve made the decision. So you’ve got a pickup truck, chain, and a good buddy who also wants some cash. Everything looks to be in place, so you get started. You […]

Subscribe to the Green Llama RSS Feed

If you aren’t already a subscriber, then please take a moment to subscribe to my rss feed.  I don’t always post daily, so rather than visit the site every day looking for new nuggets of wisdom, just subscribe and you’ll know when I have a new post up. To all those who are already subscribed, thank […]

Are Third-Party Advertisers Needed?

There’s been some discussion about lately, about whether third party advertisers such as Text Link Ads, Review Me, and Sponsored Reviews are really needed. Here are a few people’s differing points of view: John Chow thinks that the relationships are important, and we need to continue using them. Without these services, John says, we wouldn’t […]

Post Level Text Link Ads

Text Link Ads has a fantastic service, but they aren’t content to just sit around and let the money roll in. Today I received an email from TLA about their latest offering – Post Level Text Link Ads. This is exactly what it sounds like – ads on single posts, rather than on the index […]



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