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The Power of Trackbacks

Trackbacks, Pingbacks, whatever you want to call them, they are powerful.  If you are a blogger and you aren’t using trackbacks, you need to stop and rethink your blogging strategy.  Kevin at Blogging Tips recently posted on his experience using trackbacks, and the extra traffic that can result. So why are trackbacks so great?  Well, […]

Office Depot Coupon – $30 off $150

Not much to say here.. just $30 bucks off a $150 purchase at Office Depot.  The coupon shouldn’t be a one-time use, so it should work for everyone.  Good until the end of May, so if you were mulling over a purchase of something business / electronic or whatever, now would be the time.  Link […]

AuctionAds Review

This post care of Adam Ferguson from rotten bananas. Leroy asked for some help providing content while he’s sunnin it up in Baltimore. I’ve recently begun using AuctionAds (aff) on my guitar blog, axplay, so how about a review? AuctionAds is an advertising partner that displays relevant eBay auctions on your site. It displays the […]

Rich Jerk on the Auction Block

If you’ve got a spare $8 million sitting around under your mattress, and you’re looking for a horrid investment, might I suggest buying the Rich Jerk empire?  It’s up for sale, and the asking price is a cool eight million dollars – not exactly chump change.  As I’m prone to do, I have to ask […]

Vacation on the way

I’m heading off on vacation starting this Thursday, and I won’t be back until Friday the 25th at the earliest.  I’ve known about this vacation for a few months, and the plan was to have 4 or 5 good posts queued up to auto-post while I was gone.  Naturally I didn’t get around to it, […]

Green Llama Google Toolbar button

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has arrived.  Now each of you can add the Green Llama Google Toolbar button to either your Firefox or IE Google Toolbar.  No longer do you have to go hours or even *gasp* days at a time without seeing our green friend.



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