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auctionadsscreen.pngThis post care of Adam Ferguson from rotten bananas.

Leroy asked for some help providing content while he’s sunnin it up in Baltimore. I’ve recently begun using AuctionAds (aff) on my guitar blog, axplay, so how about a review?

AuctionAds is an advertising partner that displays relevant eBay auctions on your site. It displays the product pictures, short description and current bid.

For starters, the sign up process was a cinch. Plug in an email, name, address, website and you’re all set. From there it’s a matter of copy/pasting some code onto your site, pretty much like any other advertising supplier. Axplay is still a relatively young, low traffic blog, so I’m not bathing in cash yet, but I have noticed an impact. It’s definitely generating more clicks than Adsense, and I think it’s much more suited for the type of blog that I’m running.

It also gives you the option to create campaigns, which will generate separate code blocks for you. This way you can setup separate campaigns for different sites and keep track of individual performance.

I think AuctionAds can be a big money maker if you have the right type of site. Being a guitar blog, most of axplay’s readers are obviously interested in guitars and related products. Any type of product website would be well suited for AuctionAds, but I would doubt its performance on an information based site.

Those are my thoughts on it so far. Does anyone else have any experience with AuctionAds?

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