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40,000 Blowjobs – Tania Derveaux

Politics are much more interesting in Belgium. Here in the US, we have debates over various issues, whether they are taxes, the war in Iraq, terrorism, foreign policy, whatever. Serious issues to be sure, but quite honestly not particularly interesting. Over in Belgium, the NEE party is a bit fed up with the other candidates. […]

Sometimes it’s ok to lose readers

Yes, I said it.  And I’ll say it again to make sure it’s clear – sometimes it’s ok to lose readers.  Every now and again, you’ll say something that offends someone, and they stop reading your site.  Perhaps you put up an advertisement that they didn’t like – maybe they hate Kontera ads.  At some point, […]

Sponsored Reviews Makes Things Right

Following up with my post about the incident with Sponsored Reviews this past weekend, I am happy to say everything worked out.  I received an email from Sponsored Reviews saying that that decided to reach into their own pockets, and pay the bloggers the full amount that they would’ve received.  In fact, I’ve already received […]

Top 5 Money Makers

Darren at Problogger is having another Group Writing Project, this time on Top 5 posts.  There’s a cool grand up for grabs, so hopefully I can get lucky and snag first prize.  I decided to put together my top 5 money makers. Google Adsense – Still far and away, one of the best ways to […]

Fraud at Sponsored Reviews

Just this past Saturday morning, an advertiser accepted my bids on two reviews at Sponsored Reviews. Great news, and I got to work exploring the sites, and writing up detailed reviews. I posted the first one, and though I completed the second on, I was planning to wait until Monday to post it. Then Saturday evening, while […]

Green Llama – Welcome to Google Hell

Ahh yes, Google Hell – the dreaded Supplemental Index.  Google has decided that most of the content here at the Green Llama isn’t worthy of regular search results, and I’ve been kicked down to the dungeons.  That is why, of course, most of my traffic has come from Yahoo, Digg, and various links here and […]



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