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Green Llama Blast from the Past

I found myself getting a little nostalgic today.  Or maybe I was looking for something that I couldn’t find, who knows.  It’s hard to say how I ever end up doing anything really.  In any case, I stumbled across this post – one of my earliest.  It’s short, simple, and to the point.  It’s not […]

YSM Rocks

Just a quick nod to Yahoo Search Marketing.  I had a small billing issue this week, and they resolved it ASAP.  Even called me on my cell phone ( which I never answer at work ), and dropped me an email to confirm.  Very quick, very professional resolution – kudos to YSM.

Diversity is Key

You hear it all the time – diversify, diversify, diversify.  Whether you’re talking about investments or blogging / online income, diversification is absolutely critical to your long-term success.  There will be ups and downs along the wrong – some areas will do great, while some will do poorly.  Being diversified allows you to get through the […]

PayPerPost Review

One of the biggest ( and originally most controversial ) paid posting services, PayPerPost is one that I only recently joined. The concept is simple – you get paid to write a blog post about a specific topic. I don’t write a large number of sponsored posts, and I pick and choose which opportunities to […]

German woman buys smokes in the nude

So, a woman wanders into a German gas station to buy a pack of cigarettes – no big deal. This woman is wearing a pair of gold high heels and some sort of bracelet – still not anything to see here. When you realize that she’s not wearing anything besides the high heels and bracelet […]

Did you check your stats today?

Have you checked your stats today?  The answer should be no if you’re in this game to make money.  Remember – once a week is how often you should be looking at your numbers.  Any more is just a waste of time, and a loss of productivity.  Why check your numbers when you can be increasing them […]



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