PayPerPost Review

One of the biggest ( and originally most controversial ) paid posting services, PayPerPost is one that I only recently joined. The concept is simple – you get paid to write a blog post about a specific topic. I don’t write a large number of sponsored posts, and I pick and choose which opportunities to take, rather then accepting everything that comes through my inbox. That’s where PPP has a good angle – there are a ton of opportunities, especially when compared to Review Me or Sponsored Reviews.

I can’t for the life of me remember how I stumbled across PPP, but I probably just followed a link off of someone else’s blog. In fact, that’s how I end up signing up for just about everything – someone else writes about it, and it piques my interest. Regardless of the prior controversy surrounded PPP, I really wanted to give them a try to see if they could compete with the two services that I already use.

So far, I have written 2 PPP posts, since I try not to go overboard. I have not received payment yet, ( I’m still new ), so I can’t comment on timeliness of payment just yet. I’m going to stick with the program for a bit longer to see how things pan out. The average payout seems to be lower than RM and SR, but the larger selection of opportunities may outweigh this in the end. I’ll report back with an update in a month or two, to give my updates thoughts on the program.

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