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How to sell underwear to men

For years I’ve been saying that underwear makers have gotten it all wrong in their marketing efforts. Browse a women’s underwear department and you’ll see pictures of women wearing the item in general – bras, panties, corsets, whatever. The idea is that the woman will see how pretty it will look on her, and buy […]

Text Link Ads is not using TinyURL

If you’re a Text Link Ads user ( and as a reader of the Green Llama, you damn well better be ), then there’s a chance you recently received this email, purportedly from the fine folks at TLA Message-Id: <> Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2007 13:19:44 -0500 (CDT) Leroy, As a Text Link Ads affiliate […]

Kontera nabs $10.3 Million in VC Money

I don’t often read Tech Crunch, but they posted a little tidbit about Kontera, one of my favorite money make sources.  In July, Kontera accounted for a whopping 24% of my total online income.  TC reported that Kontera was able to secure an additional $10.3 million in their second round of funding.  That means good news for all […] Review

What, exactly, is Thoof? Thoof is like Digg or Netscape, but with a bit of a twist. Over at Digg, the Digg Mob pretty much controls everything. If the Mob doesn’t like a story, it’ll get buried, and you may never see it. They claim democracy, but really there’s no such thing. At Thoof, the […]

The Google is Angry

I’ve angered the Google again, it seems.  Green Llama dropped from PR4 to PR1 for no apparent reason that I can figure.  I haven’t seen a PR update on any other of my sites – just this one. How annoying.

July 2007 Online Earnings Report

Another month has come and gone, in spectacular fashion. So far this year, May has been my best month – an all time record for me , in fact. Fortunately I’m a fan of breaking records and setting new ones – like I did in July. Compared to June, net profit jumped 59% – not […]



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