What, exactly, is Thoof? Thoof is like Digg or Netscape, but with a bit of a twist. Over at Digg, the Digg Mob pretty much controls everything. If the Mob doesn’t like a story, it’ll get buried, and you may never see it. They claim democracy, but really there’s no such thing. At Thoof, the stories that are shown are based on your personal tastes – personalized news, if you will. There’s no angry Digg mob to be seen. Thoof remembers what stories you like, and shows you stories that go along with your tastes.

One of the differentiating features that Thoof has ( besides their name ) is the ThoofRank badge. Basically you drop a line of HTML into your post, and the ThoofRank badge will show how popular your post is with Thoof’s readers. The ThoofRank badge below is for another post, and as of the time of posting it’s just at 1% – I sure hope that goes up!

What’s with the name?

By now you’re no doubt wondering why in the world these guys choose Thoof as their name. It certainly doesn’t roll off the tongue like Digg does, that’s for sure. Apparently the name originally started off as “The Horse’s Hoof”, which I guess is supposed to be like “The cat’s meow”. Since that name was too long, it got shortened to “The Hoof”. Since the tech guy isn’t so much with the Engrish, it ended up as


  1. Selif said

    September 10 2007 @ 8:00 pm

  2. Leroy Brown said

    September 11 2007 @ 12:37 pm

    Damn that’s a detailed, detailed story. Makes me wonder if it might be true? Sure makes a better tale than mine.

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