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You need a draw

There is a lot of competition on the internet for whatever niche you’re in – there’s no question about that. You have to be bigger, better, faster, and stronger than everyone else around you if you want to be successful. Well, you can do that, or you can be smart, and have a draw. What’s […]

Traffic is King

You can have the best site in the world – professionally designed, fantastic content, great monetization. None of that matters if you don’t have targeted traffic flowing to your site. I have several sites exactly like that – great look, great content, and beautifully monetized. However, they don’t make me much money, because they barely […]

How much money?

For months now, I’ve been posting a monthly recap of my online earnings.  The only catch is that I have never put a set dollar amount on how much I actually earn online.  In the comments of nearly every recap post, someone asks why – and I have to explain why each time. I know […]

August 2007 Online Earnings Report

August 2007 is gone forever – and we’ll never see it again.  That’s pretty much OK with me, since it marked a 32% drop in profit compared to July 2007.  That being said, it still marks my third best month every since I started making money online.  So it was a tough month, but in […]



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