Online Casino Bluebook Review

Online Casinos are still popular these days, despite any potential legality issues. To showcase this, ordered a Linkpost review of their site, which ranks today’s top online casinos.

What is Online Casino Bluebook all about?

Online Casino Bluebook is a site with one simple purpose – to review and rank the top online casinos. The top choices are rated according to the size of the welcome bonus, the payout %, as well as the allover review. Out of the 10 online casinos listed, 8 have in-depth reviews.

Can I contact the site owner?

Absolutely. Online Casino Bluebook has both an about page, as well as a contact page with an email address. You can email the site owner directly with any questions about either the site, or the service they provide. They even offer a newsletter that you can subscribe to, and catch on to any new bonuses / special offers.

Is there anything else?

Yep. Online Casino Bluebook also has sections for poker rooms, no-deposit casinos, and bingo halls. There are even guides for the various games, if you’re not familiar with one in particular.

Site Design and Notes

The site’s navigation is clean and simple, if perhaps a little too utilitarian. A reskin would really spruce things up, and make the site catch your eye a bit more. Also, I would put a newsletter subscription box on the main page, rather than tucked away on the contact page. Lots of folks are apprehensive about signing up for anything on the spot, and a more prominent newsletter spot may help push some folks over the edge down the road. In the affiliate marketing field ( which is, of course, how Online Casino Bluebook stays in business ), you need to think short-term and long-term. So to sum it up, this site is doing a great job focusing on the here and now, but should look to the future a bit more.

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