Don’t reinvent the wheel

There are times when it’s great to be different, and to stand apart from the crowd. But there are also times when it’s best to stick with what works – the tried and true method. Sometimes the way things have always been is good enough, and indeed better than a change. No idea what I’m talking about? Ok, here’s an example. is a search engine marketing site that I read from time to time. Not too long ago, Darin dropped the coin for a new theme from Unique Blog Designs. The new look is great overall ( I personally would have made a few changes if it were my design, but hey it’s not. ), and really makes the site stand out quite well. What’s the problem? The header. The header image is a logo of the site’s name – nothing out of the ordinary. However, when you click on it, the link goes to the site’s RSS feed, rather than the main page of the blog.

There aren’t many things that are more annoying than this when reading a blog. The logo should take you to the main page, period. There’s no question about this, and there should be no debate. It’s simply annoying as hell to get sent to the feed subscription page. Every other theme on the planet ( that I’ve seen, anyway ) works the way it should.

I don’t mean to call Darin out – I like his site, and I think the new look is great. Just wanted to point out that, sometimes, it’s best not to change things for the sake of changing them.

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