Prioritize your tasks better

No matter what stage you’re at in your quest to make money online – whether you’re just starting out, already getting established, or a big name in the game, you need to learn to manage your time. There is only a finite amount of time in each day, and most of us only have a small amount of that time available to us for making money online. To make the most of that time you need to figure out what is most important and pressing.

For this, I like to bust out the old fashioned legal pad notepad and a pen. I know, it sounds archaic – and many of you are probably scoffing right now. But sometimes it’s best to get things on pen and paper, rather than keyboard and monitor. Make a list of all your tasks and goals, and start to assign an importance level. When doing this, keep in mind profitability of each task, or potential profitability. Remember, the entire point of this is to maximize the amount of money you make.

After a tad bit of antagonizing, you should be able to write up a new list, with the most important items first. The most important, of course, being those which will make you the most money. The other stuff can wait – it’s simply not as important. Now that you have your list, feel free to pull out the keyboard again and get to work. As you finish each item on the list, cross it off. Not only are you more effective and efficient, you can watch your progress as the items on the list disappear.

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