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Fraud at Sponsored Reviews

Just this past Saturday morning, an advertiser accepted my bids on two reviews at Sponsored Reviews. Great news, and I got to work exploring the sites, and writing up detailed reviews. I posted the first one, and though I completed the second on, I was planning to wait until Monday to post it. Then Saturday evening, while […]

In-Text Advertising Not Evil

After posting my Kontera ContentLink Review, I read a post that Daneil from Daily Blog Tips wrote, urging bloggers to avoid in-text advertising like the plague. Now I read DBT on a daily basis – it’s one of the first feeds I read in Bloglines. I think the content is fantastic, and more often than […]

Kontera ContentLink Review

Early in April, I decided to give Kontera ContentLink a try. I hesitated to join the program, because I generally found the ads to be slightly annoying. Not so annoying that I would stop using a site that had them, just that I preferred sites without these ads. In any case, I did want to […]

Post Level Text Link Ads

Text Link Ads has a fantastic service, but they aren’t content to just sit around and let the money roll in. Today I received an email from TLA about their latest offering – Post Level Text Link Ads. This is exactly what it sounds like – ads on single posts, rather than on the index […]

Text Link Ads is having a sale

For the rest of the month of March ( only a few more days, so hopefully they’ll extend the offer ) Text Link Ads is having a sale. If you sign up with Text Link Ads, not only do you get $100 worth of free links, but you can also get a 15% off coupon […]



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