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WordPress RSS Display Plugin

I’m looking for a particular WordPress plugin / function, but couldn’t find quite what I’m looking for.  I’m sure there are probably 50 plugins that do this, but whatever I can’t find them.  Here’s what I want. Display external RSS feeds ( 4 or 5 , in separate sections ) Display only title of post […]

Traffic is King

You can have the best site in the world – professionally designed, fantastic content, great monetization. None of that matters if you don’t have targeted traffic flowing to your site. I have several sites exactly like that – great look, great content, and beautifully monetized. However, they don’t make me much money, because they barely […]

Diversity is Key

You hear it all the time – diversify, diversify, diversify.  Whether you’re talking about investments or blogging / online income, diversification is absolutely critical to your long-term success.  There will be ups and downs along the wrong – some areas will do great, while some will do poorly.  Being diversified allows you to get through the […]

Did you check your stats today?

Have you checked your stats today?  The answer should be no if you’re in this game to make money.  Remember – once a week is how often you should be looking at your numbers.  Any more is just a waste of time, and a loss of productivity.  Why check your numbers when you can be increasing them […]

Be More Productive – Don’t look at your stats

I know, I shouldn’t really talk about this.  After all, I post my monthly earnings statements here for everyone to see.  Indeed, I also keep track of my numbers on a weekly basis.  But that’s not a problem.  The problem is checking stats daily, and even hourly.  Don’t judge, you’ve done it too.  Some of […]

Unsubscribe to be more productive

I’m a recovering RSS addict – I admit it.  I very recently had somewhere just north of 220 feeds in my Bloglines account.  I subscribed to every single blog that I found at least mildly interesting, whether it was a few posts, or even one that interested me.  It was getting to be ridiculous, as […]



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