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Beyonce not a lesbian

Ahh, it seems I jumped the gun the other day with our Beyonce / Eva Longoria lesbian movie post. It’s all a big rumor, and we don’t get to look forward to two of Hollywood’s biggest female names going at it on the big screen. Boo.

Beyonce Knowles and Eva Longoria to be Lesbians

For quite some time fantasized about by men everywhere, it’s about to become reality. I’m normally not a fan of homosexual relationship-based movies ( see Brokeback Mountain. Who in the hell wants to see a move about gay cowboys? ). But with Beyonce and Eva Longoria reportedly incredibly excited about the lesbian sex scenes, well. […]

Lindsay Lohan and the firecrotch

There have been quite a few pictures of Lindsay Lohan floating around there appear to depict her “flashing her snatch”, to put it eloquently. Ms. Lohan is apparently finding it difficult to wear a knee-length dress and not show off the goodies – sound difficult. The normal solution is to wear some sort of underwear, […]

Justin Timberlake is a monkey

Justina won’t be tying the knot with Cameron Diaz any time soon. After all, he has his dogs, and what else does a monkey err.. man really need? Justin recently told GQ Magazine – “Men are monkeys, man. As for marriage and so on, I have my two dogs for kids so you should ask […]

Paris Hilton gets a DUI

Well I guess this isn’t particularly exciting news. Everyone knows celebrities drive when they’re drunk, and Paris Hilton seems to be, how do I say, stupider – than most celebrities, so it’s not surprising that she got caught. The officers said they say the vehicle driving in an erratic manner, and that’s why they pulled […]

Crocodile Hunter meets his doom

I’m sure everyone knows by now – Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, has died. I’m not going to lament Steve’s death. Steve has spent the better part of his life as the Crocodile Hunter, doing what his name implies- hunting crocodiles. That’s about as poor of a career choice as any human being can make. […]



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