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Treo 755p – Coming to Sprint?

There’s a rumor floating around that Sprint will launch a new Treo smartphone in May. According to the little bit of information ( disinformation? ) that we have, the new Treo will be called the Treo 755p. Likely, it will share the Treo 750 form factor, which means an internal antenna. It will be the […]

Sprint Mobile Broadband

Ok, so I’m thinking about getting a Sprint Mobile Broadband card with the unlimited plan. Yea, the plan is expensive at $60/ month, but it would make my life a little bit easier, so I think it’s worth it. My problem is that I have no idea which card to pick. Sprint’s website lists 3 […]

Toilet Paper Air Cannon

Now you can TP your teacher’s house much faster, with deadly accuracy. Via Boing Boing. Read the directions here.

Jacuzzi with built-in Plasma TV

Calspas has this cool new invention – a jacuzzi with a built-in 42″ Plasma TV – DVD player included. I can’t imagine a use for this, unless you’re just so rich you don’t know what to do with your money. In fact, Calspas doesn’t even have a price on their website. And as the saying […]

Gold Plated USB Key

A little company called White Lake is releasing a gold plated & diamond encrusted USB key. Now celebs and rich execs don’t have to be embarassed by pulling out a regular, “plastic” usb key. Hurray! Via Gizmodo.

Credit Card USB Drive Anyone?

I know there are a lot of funky USB drives floating around these days, some glow in the dark, some look like little trees. This one has to be my favorite though – it’s shaped like a credit card, and fits right in the ol wallet. A little flip-out tab plugs into your USB port. […]



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