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New computer

My plan, until recently, had been to build a new computer a few months after my wife gets back from Iraq. After all, the one I have will turn 2 years old in December. Well, parts of it can be traced back even further than that, as I tend to do partial-upgrades. But for the […]

Kodak Easyshare Z740

I bought this camera last month. It’s a Kodak “Easyshare” Z740. It came with a dock / printer which is pretty cool. It is 5.0 Megapixels & has 10x optical zoom. It also has about a thousand buttons on it. I know how to work the big round one that takes the pictures. That’s all. […]

My Stapler

This is my stapler at work. We took the 3.5 off of an Altima. So now I have a 3.5 liter stapler.



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