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Why PR Still Matters

As we’re still seeing updates from Google’s recent Pagerank slap, the word on the street ( and by street I mean Interweb ) is that PR is meaningless, and no one should be concerned about a PR drop. I say this couldn’t be further from the truth. Advertisers today look for hard metrics to help […]

The Google is Angry

I’ve angered the Google again, it seems.  Green Llama dropped from PR4 to PR1 for no apparent reason that I can figure.  I haven’t seen a PR update on any other of my sites – just this one. How annoying.

Green Llama – Welcome to Google Hell

Ahh yes, Google Hell – the dreaded Supplemental Index.  Google has decided that most of the content here at the Green Llama isn’t worthy of regular search results, and I’ve been kicked down to the dungeons.  That is why, of course, most of my traffic has come from Yahoo, Digg, and various links here and […]

Worst Google Ad Ever

On my last post, What should my company name be?, I was presented with this Google Adsense ad right after the post: Just for the record, no, I am not gay.  Just in case anyone was wondering. I’ve seen a lot of goofy, way off-target Adsense ads here at Green Llama ( which is a topic for […]

Adwords Quality Score can be strange

Michael Gray, aka Graywolf, famous for his SEO blog, has a problem. See, he bids on his name, Michael Gray, on Adwords. Naturally, his name appears all over the place on his site – in fact, it appears on every single page as far as I can tell. The problem is that Adwords gave his […]

Google fourth-quarter profit almost triples

That makes Q4 2006 a record quarter for Google – and with their success, that’s saying a lot.  Revenue for the quarter was up 67%, or $3.2 billion, while profit was $1.03 billion American dollars, which is almost triple the $372 million they made in Q4 2005.  It sounds like that whole quality score / […]



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