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Google Checkout vanishes

Not 5 minutes after I posted about Google Checkout’s prominent place on, it’s gone!  Is it gone for everyone else too? Just when I think I have the big G figured out, they go and mess with my head.

Google continues quest to take over the world

Google Checkout made a big appearance today – right on Google’s homepage. And not the usual discreet text link by itself, either – no no. Google even decided to throw some money on the table – $10 the first time you us Google Checkout. It’s all right there on Google’s search page – which is […]

Google buys YouTube for $1.65 Billion in stock

Yes folks, that is Billion with a B. According to the press release, YouTube will keep it’s brand name ( duh ) as well as all of its employees. Eventually the plan is to merge Google Video and YouTube. Now I’m a Google fan through and through – I haven’t used another search engine in […]

16 things Google Trends has taught me

Google Trends is an amazing tool – and it helps you discover things that you may never have figured out otherwise. In the spirit of Steve Rubel‘s post a few months back, here’s my list of 16 things Google Trends has taught me. Some are just proving what we already thought, and some are, well […]

MSN users search for Google

Google is one of the top five searches on the internet. Yahoo and MSN can’t be too happy about that, can they? When you search for Google at either of the lesser Big three, you’re greeted with 2 search boxes. I can just hear them saying: “Hey stupid, you’re already at a search engine”. Via […]



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