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You need a draw

There is a lot of competition on the internet for whatever niche you’re in – there’s no question about that. You have to be bigger, better, faster, and stronger than everyone else around you if you want to be successful. Well, you can do that, or you can be smart, and have a draw. What’s […]

Llama herd

Now I know what you’re thinking – that’s a lot of llamas.  And you’d be right – that is a lot of llamas.  And you’re probably wondering what this massive herd of llamas has on their head.  I’d have to say they’re all headed for a birthday party, and this is their traditional birthday gear.  […]

Llamas not so good at poetry

While Llamas are great at things like being cute, cuddly, and military death machines, they are apparently not good at poetry.  They have recently been exposed as the culprits behind the bad, non-rhyming poets for Netflix and Blockbuster.  Stick with what you’re good at, guys.

Llamas more important than electricity

A woman in Michigan made the tough choice between having electricity & running water, or taking care of her llamas. After a devastating fire took out her electricity and running water, most people would have left so the home could be repaired. Instead of doing that, as her insurance company desired, Marie McCluskey heroically stayed […]

Llama reincarnation

Kat over at Kat’s Shack has some general ponderization about life after death, and wonders if she may be reincarnated as a llama. How inredilbe that would be. Could you imagine, life as God’s most incredible creation?

Give a Llama for Valentine’s Day

Let’s face it – guys have no idea what women like. Doesn’t matter if you’ve just started dating, or if you’ve been married for 20 years. Guys have absolutely no idea what women like. Good thing we have the internet to think for us. Our wacky British friends have a service called “Get calmer with […]



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