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Israel recruits Llamas to elite units

Israel tried to use mules for the job, but the mules didn’t do what they were told. So Isreal recruited some llamas to carry the heavy loads & do the dirty work. Apparently they also eat only once every two days. Go elite llamas! Read the full story at CNN.

Greenbriar Llama Farm

If you’re looking for pictures of llamas – you came to the right place. Check out Greenbriar Llama Farm. Contrary to popular belief, llamas don’t spit at everyone, and they are very quiet. You can read about their disposition here.

Green Llama

Alright, I know everyone has been waiting for this. Why in the heck is this website called “The Green Llama” ? You’re probably expecting a hilarious story about a llama that was born green, or turned green, or maybe even wanted to be green. Sorry to dissapoint, but I was half asleep when I picked […]

I beat 20 Questions

A co-worker of mine bought 20 Questions for his phone, and he said it could guess anything. So of course I had to test it. I picked a llama, and doggonit it guessed it real good, in 18 questions. So i decided to be tricky, and picked a duck-billed platypus the second time. By the […]

Llamas attack!

Well all of you should know that I am a huge fan of llamas. One day I hope to have a yard large enough for a llama, and have enough money to pay someone to clean up after it. Today I came across this Llamas It describes the horrible tale of a male llama who […]



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