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Top 5 Money Makers

Darren at Problogger is having another Group Writing Project, this time on Top 5 posts.  There’s a cool grand up for grabs, so hopefully I can get lucky and snag first prize.  I decided to put together my top 5 money makers. Google Adsense – Still far and away, one of the best ways to […]

How not to make money online

There are lots of posts here about how to make money online. Heck, this here blog that you’re reading is focused on that topic. Well, for the most part, when I’m not off talking about llamas or some such thing. Anyway…. What if you’re looking for ways to *not* make money online? Here’s some tips […]

But There’s a Catch…

(guest post by Alex) We’re all paranoid to a certain degree. Bombarded by endless sales messages and claims that seems too good to be true, our subconscious brains use certain mechanisms to steer us in the right direction. One of those is figuring out what the “catch” is. 19th century philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer puts an […]

When should you start monetizing your blog?

I was reading a post just the other day that Mitch wrote on, about the downside of monetizing a blog too early in it’s life. He has some good points, especially about progressing from publishing free information to selling ebooks. However, I have trouble agreeing with the whole concept. When you first start a […]

Are Third-Party Advertisers Needed?

There’s been some discussion about lately, about whether third party advertisers such as Text Link Ads, Review Me, and Sponsored Reviews are really needed. Here are a few people’s differing points of view: John Chow thinks that the relationships are important, and we need to continue using them. Without these services, John says, we wouldn’t […]

Profit vs Cashflow

Making money online is a tricky business.  The key word there is business – if you’re trying to make money online, you are essentially running a business.  Now whether you’ve taken the time to actually set up an LLC or a corporation is irrelevant at this point.  The fact is, you’re in business, and you need […]



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