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Kontera ContentLink Ads Installed

Perhaps against my better judgement, I just installed the code for Kontera ContentLink.  This site normally wouldn’t qualify for ContentLink due to traffic, but I have John Chow and his partnership with Kontera to thank for the opportunity. Kontera ContentLink ads are the blue double-underlined ads you now see sprinkled throughout the content here.  I […]

Underpromise and Overdeliver

Daniel over at Daily Blog Tips ( one of my favorite daily reads, by the way ) recently posted on the concept of “Underpromise and Overdeliver“. The concept is one that I’m very familiar with, and make an effort to put into practice every day. The concept is especially important when dealing with customers or […] Launches

This post is a sponsored post, as part of the program. Though the post is sponsored, my comments and opinions are honest and unedited. I have never, nor will I ever, participate in a paid posting program where I’m required to review a service positively. Another paid posting service recently launched – this one […]

DIMM – Does it make money?

One of the phrases I learned in another life as a car salesman was “DIMM”. DIMM stands for “Does it make money?” It was a question that we were supposed to ask ourselves when looking over our daily activities. The concept of DIMM is very simple. Take a few minutes today and look at the […]

Text link ads review

Text Link ads is one of my favorite online revenue sources. It provides a solid, predictable income every single month. Perhaps the best part about Text Link Ads is that the revenue tends to increase every month as your site grows. What is Text Link Ads? Text Link Ads is a company with two sides […]

Review Me Affiliate Program Launches

Review Me launched their affiliate program just the other day, and it’s something I’m going to keep a close eye on. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Review Me, basically it’s a non-shady version of Pay Per Post. All reviews require a disclosure that the review is sponsored, and it’s not required to […]



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