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Naked Karate

Karate isn’t usually terribly interesting when you get down to it. I mean, it’s probably pretty cool being able to ninja-kick someone in the head for fun, and not get yelled at by anyone. But besides that it’s a lot of hard work, and not normally something that intrigues me at all.   Enter Topless Karate. […]

German woman buys smokes in the nude

So, a woman wanders into a German gas station to buy a pack of cigarettes – no big deal. This woman is wearing a pair of gold high heels and some sort of bracelet – still not anything to see here. When you realize that she’s not wearing anything besides the high heels and bracelet […]

40,000 Blowjobs – Tania Derveaux

Politics are much more interesting in Belgium. Here in the US, we have debates over various issues, whether they are taxes, the war in Iraq, terrorism, foreign policy, whatever. Serious issues to be sure, but quite honestly not particularly interesting. Over in Belgium, the NEE party is a bit fed up with the other candidates. […]

Erica Chevillar posed for Playboy

Erica Chevillar, also known as the Bikini Teacher; the former 10th grade teacher from Boca Raton, has stripped it all off for America’s favorite magazine, Playboy. For those of you who don’t remember, Erica was already famous due to some sexy photos of her from her photoshoot on the National Bikini Team. When school officials […]

Naked Protesters

I normally don’t just like to a site without a picture to give you an idea of what you’ll find, but I definitely can’t post any of the pictures from this site here. It’s called Naked Protesters, and it’s filled with pictures of protests from around the world. You know, the kinds of protests where […]

Indians afraid of naked foreigners on the beach

Many beaches have issues.  Often, the issue is with trash, crowdedness, or rowdy drunk teenager.  But the beaches in Canacona have a different problem, and one that you wouldn’t think of – nudity.  Residents of the area are moving out in droves these days.  Foreign visitors to the Canacona beaches are stripping down – the […]



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