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Florida Teen gets $35k for topless show

An unnamed girl, aged 19, just received $35,000 from the city of Pensacola Florida. See, when this girl was just 16 years old, she was found in a car with a 19 year old male. Officer Shawn Patrick Shields, who found the teens, ordered them out of the car, and threatened to arrest them for […]

Courtney Love Gets Naked

That’s right – that Courtney Love. Once the wife of now dead Nirvana head man Kurt Cobain, and prior ‘rock star’ herself, Courtney dropped it all for a photo shoot in Pop magazine. I myself don’t have any desire to look at a naked drug addict ( reportedly ‘ex’ drug addict ) , but if […]

Thong Thursday Crackdown

A bar in Covington, Kentucky was cited for a popular event called Thong Thursdays. Since the event really isn’t obvious from the name, I’ll go ahead and spell it out for you. Every Thursday, a group of young ladies gets up on the bar, and drops their pants to reveal their thong-covered booties. Best butt […]

Nudism in Vermont town

Brattleboro, Vermont isn’t traditionally a very exciting or interesting place to be. It’s not a large city, the weather isn’t particularly nice, and there are no beaches. What this small town does have, though, is a whole lot of young naked people. And that all by itself makes Brattleboro a pretty cool place to be. […]

Visit a brothel to lower your gas bill

Austrailian brothels are getting creative these days.  Now, when you visit one of their lovely ladies, not only do you get the services advertised, and possibly a side helping of syphilis, you also get a discount on your gas bill.  Simply fill up before visiting, present your receipt, and receive a credit of $0.20 per […]

Topless kissing booth for skin cancer

The Caliente nudist resort in Land O’Lakes, Florida recently held a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Naturally, the fundraiser was held topless. What kind of neat topless fun could you find there? Well, the highlight was a topless kissing booth – for $5, you get to kiss a topless woman, and the money goes […]



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