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Kitty Delicious fired for amateur internet porn

Kitty Delicious, also known as Bridget Grish, was a fashion assistant for Life & Style until recently. Some of her coworkers happened to stumble upon her amateur porn videos on the internet. Fantastic! When questions, the coworkers swore they were just looking for information on delicious kittens. Really. Bridget, who considers her rack to be […]

Tamara Hoover, The Topless Teacher, resigns

Remember Tamara Hoover? Of course you do. She’s the teacher in Austin, TX that posted topless photos of herself on Myspace, and was suspended once the authorities found out. Poor Tamara. I guess she finally got tired of all the hoopla and red tape, and decided to resign and start moving on with her life. […]

Buy space on a naked Russian girl

This effectively renders all other forms of advertising obsolete. Why pay to advertise on a billboard when you can plaster your ad on a 25 year old Russian girl? The best part? You have your pick of just above anywhere on he body. Only the head, nipples, and “intimate parts” are off limits. I words […]

Boobs on Bikes

Tentatively scheduled for later this month in New Zealand, is “Boobs on Bikes.” I know you’re wondering – what in the world is that? The event is so cleverly named, you’d never guess what it actually is. About 30 porn stars will be riding bikes, topless, in Aukland, New Zealand! Oh wait, you did guess […]

Naked man grows a lot of pot

A naked man was found rolling around in the streets of Highland Mills, New York recently. He was babbling incoherently, didn’t respond to pepper spray, and punched a cop. Apparently in Highland Mills, this is not an acceptable way to avoid drawing attention to yourself, and your house full of marijuana. Link.

Bad witnesses in teacher – student sex trial

The case of 38 year old teacher Deanna Bobo is a little shaky.  Ms. Bobo was accused of having sex with several male, underage students over a period of some years.  A quote from the article – One witness said he saw Bobo sitting with her legs apart while wearing a skirt and no underwear. […]



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