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Man marries 104 year old woman

Which would be ok if he wasn’t 33. Here’s hoping they don’t plan to consummate that marriage. Via CNN.

Yahoo bans publisher for Myspace traffic

Recently Yahoo banned more publishers from their program. The reason? The majority of traffic comes from Yahoo believes this traffic is untargeted, and would convert poorly. I imagine they did this under pressure from advertisers, who are paying for the clicks. Horrible decision if you ask me – it simply doesn’t seem fair to […]

Mexico to legalize marijuana

Also heroin and cocaine. Pending Preisdent Fox’s signature, people possessing small amounts of these three drugs will not be breaking Mexican law. Yea, that’s what Mexico needs – legal drugs. Oh, by the way, it will still be illegal to sell drugs in Mexico. Brilliant. Read the full story at Yahoo News.

RIAA Sues woman without computer

A fine young lady down in good ol’ Georgia received the news recently that she was being sued for copyright infringment, using P2P programs. Ok, so maybe she was sharing some of her music for the world to enjoy. Well maybe, if she can do that WITHOUT A FREAKING COMPUTER. Good game RIAA…. Good game. […]

Geek Squad under arrest

Geek Squad agents have been caught pirating software. That’s right, the same righteous agents you’ve entrusted with your computer security are pirates! Arrr……. Via Slashdot. Full story at Fox News. As a former member of this elite group of ninja computer agents, I can only say that if the public only knew what goes on […]

States hate hybrids, want more SUV’s

One of the stupidest ideas I’ve heard in a long, long time. Lately, people have been migrating towards hybrids and smaller vehicles, and are less likely to buy a huge SUV when they don’t need one. Sounds great, right? People are using less gasoline, which can reduce dependence on foreign oil, gives people more spending […]



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