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Muslims sue Danish newspaper

A bunch of Danish muslims are suing the newspaper that first printed the infamous cartoons. Yes, you read that correctly. They are suing a newspaper for publishing cartoons. CARTOONS. CAR-FREAKING-TOONS. Someone please slap these people and bring them into the year 2006, thx gg. Via the Toronto Star.

Nuclear material slipped past US border

Nukes slip through the cracks? Scary stuff. Via Toronto Star.

Australia to sell uranium to China

China promises not to use them for nukes, also promises to make its bed, eat more spinach. BBCNews.

GM to sell GMAC

GM finally did it. They finally sold the one, single, profitable piece of their business. GMAC was the only entity at GM that made a profit last year – and even with GMAC being profitable, GM as a whole lost $10 billion. That’s billion with a “B“. So what does GM do? They sell a […]

Dalai Lama hopes to come to China

The Dalai Lama, not to be confused with a regular llama, is hoping that the Chinese government will allow him to visit China once again. Apparently he ticked off China about a hundred years ago and was banned from the country. I don’t know why, but I imagine it can’t be very interesting, or I […]

US Debt closing in on $9 Trillion

Good ol George W Bush just signed into law a bill that raises the US debt ceiling to $8.96 trillion. I started off liking W pretty well, but this is the 4th increase in the debt limit since he took office. With his government constantly running deficits, another increase is inevitable. I’ll freely admit to […]



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