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Linux sucks

Not only is it NOT free ( unless you have windows installed already to download & burn the cd’s ) , slooooooooow to install, PITA to configure, VERY limited in programs you can run, and clunky to use, it’s insecure! Read about the latest critical security flaw at CNET.

France grows some balls

Good ol Jack Chirac made a public statement that said France would be willing to nuke any country that launched a terrorist attack on it. It sounds good in principle, but France would surrender if they even heard a whisper of a possible attack on their country. “USA USA HELP HELP” Read the full story […]

Military Cuts Ahead

The new budget proposal wants to cut the size of the Army Reserve, and also cut back on fighter jet programs. Am I the only one who thinks this is stupid? Read the full story at USA Today.

Chile gets a female president

Here’s hoping that never happens in the US. PMS + Nukes = bad. Read the whole story at BBC News.

Heart attack cures a woman’s blindness

25 years after going blind, an old lady in Britain can see again after her heart attack. Blind people around the world heading to McDonalds. Read the full story at ABC News.

Somalian Pirates captured.

Somalian pirates??? They don’t have swords, eye patches, or parrots. And no one walked the plank either… what a sorry bunch of pirates. Arrrrr… Read the full story at Mercury News.



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