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Ades Color Picker

Any of you who are even remotely familiar with web design are certainly familiar with color pickers.  There are quite a few available, so you aren’t short on choices.  One I came across the other day is called Ades Color Picker.  He spells it funny ( AdesClrPicker ), but whatever. The cat who made the […]


Did anyone else get in on the Blue Hat SEO SQUIRT tool?  Curiosity has got me….

Office Depot Coupon – $30 off $150

Not much to say here.. just $30 bucks off a $150 purchase at Office Depot.  The coupon shouldn’t be a one-time use, so it should work for everyone.  Good until the end of May, so if you were mulling over a purchase of something business / electronic or whatever, now would be the time.  Link […]

Rich Jerk on the Auction Block

If you’ve got a spare $8 million sitting around under your mattress, and you’re looking for a horrid investment, might I suggest buying the Rich Jerk empire?  It’s up for sale, and the asking price is a cool eight million dollars – not exactly chump change.  As I’m prone to do, I have to ask […]

Obsessive Thoughts

I just got tagged by Shawn Knight, this time for Obsessive Thoughts. From what I understand, I have to list five obsessions that I have, and tag 5 more bloggers at the end. I’m really bad at the tagging game, but I’ll give it a go just the same. Saving Receipts: This drives my wife […]

When are security patches a bad thing?

When they’re released by Microsoft, it seems. I’ve been using Windows for most of my life, after early bouts with a Commodore 64 and an Apple II. I’ve been through Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. Starting with Windows 98 ( that I remember, anyway ), […]



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