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2007 Corvette Z06 Price hike

The General has raised the price on the 2007 Corvette  Z06 by nearly $5000 over the 2006 model.  What do I think?  About freakin time.  The Z06 outclasses anything near it’s price range – it was only a matter of time before the price skrocketed.  As far as I’m concerned, this car would be a […]

Imbee launched to battle Myspace

Basically Imbee is a myspace-clone, but with restrictions. Users can send messages and chat for free, but are charged $3.95/mo to have a blog. A credit card is required for registration though, which Imbee says will allow them to gather information that Myspace cannot. In that way, parents are aware of their children’s participation in […]

Shelby GT500 Pricing announced

Soon I’ll be able to actually purchase my dream car – for a cool $43,000.  You’ll need to find a spare 5 g’s if you’re looking for the droptop.  Me, I think I’ll stick with the coupe.  I don’t need everything flying around in the wind while I’m trying my best to keep the rear […]

Million Dollar Homepage – Part 2

This time around it’s a Per Second Podcast. Basically you ( or your company, or your dog ) pay for as few or as many seconds in the podcast as you want. They’re yours forever, much like the million dollar homepage we’re all very familiar with. I’ll freely admit that I simply do not “get” […]

Should File sharers go to jail?

There’s a new law that’s about to be passed in Germany, under which a file sharer could get up to two years in jail. And they’re not talking about someone distributing the illegal software, they’re talking about the average Joe ( or Hans in this case ) who downloads software once in awhile. They seem […]

Spam for dinner

Well, I just spent the last half hour cleaning out tons of spam comments. Such fun stuff. As a result, I’ve had to turn off instant comment posting – I’ll have to moderate them from now on – joy. So if you don’t see your comment right away, don’t worry, it will be up soon. […]



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