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How to sell underwear to men

For years I’ve been saying that underwear makers have gotten it all wrong in their marketing efforts. Browse a women’s underwear department and you’ll see pictures of women wearing the item in general – bras, panties, corsets, whatever. The idea is that the woman will see how pretty it will look on her, and buy […]

VULVA Original – Not a Perfume

I’m not often left speechless when stumbling across random things on the internet.  There’s all kinda of cool stuff out there, and a million times more weird stuff.  But sometimes I’ll see something that just leaves me without much to say.  This is one of those things.  I’ll quote, since I don’t really know what […]

Man’s leg falls off during failed robbery attempt

Ok, so you you’ve decided to steal an ATM machine. Whatever choices in your life led you to make this decision aren’t important – you’ve made the decision. So you’ve got a pickup truck, chain, and a good buddy who also wants some cash. Everything looks to be in place, so you get started. You […]

Mac Chick of the month – March 2007

Remember February’s Mac Chick of the month – Teemaree? Well those quirky Mac lovers over at Macenstein are at it again, with March’s Mac Chick of the Month. This lady here goes by DeBranne, and like Teemaree, enjoys using her Mac while wearing as little clothing as possible. She also shares something else with Teemaree […]

Health teacher jailed for six months

Rebekah M. Todd, a 25 year old former Buckley health and phys ed teacher, will be spending the next six months holed up in jail. See, Ms. Todd somehow had trouble attracting mates that were of legal age. That’s especially strange when you consider that she’s pretty easy on the eyes, as far as 25 […]

Follow that bus

Sometimes there’s no need for words.  And why don’t we have busses like that here in the states? Source.



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