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Mrs. America wins Mrs. World competition

Mrs. World is a beauty competition for married women only – singles need not apply. For Mrs. World 2007, the winner of Mrs. America took home the gold. Dianne Tucker, Mrs. American 2007, is from Arizona – and took home top honors for the Mrs World pageant held in southern Russia. In keeping with some […]

Baltimore passes smoking ban, fixed all problems

Baltimore has officially banned smoking in bars – so we can say that their biggest problem is solved. Yes, the Murder Capital of America has banned smoking inside of bars – Wooha! Nevermind the ridiculously high murder rate ( especially horrible considering the small size of the city ), rape, armed robbery, and various violent […]

How to look like you’re hard at work ( While doing as little as possible )

Always have papers or a file in your hand as you walk.  Always  Walk with your head down, staring at said papers.  If you’re too busy to put down your papers while you’re walking, you must be very busy. If you cannot find papers and you must walk, hold your cell phone up to your […]

Who is Tammy Nyp

I was putzing around on Technorati this afternoon, when I took notice of the top searches, as I do every now and again. Number 10 on the list is a lady named Tammy Nyp. Now usually the top searches are people or things that I’m familiar with, but I hadn’t the slightest idea who in […]

OhMiBod – The iPod Vibrator

If you’re the kind of woman who likes to listen to her iPod, but somehow feels unfulfilled while doing so, then the OhMiBod iPod vibrator may be just the thing you’re looking for. The OhmiBod hooks up to your iPod through the audio jack, and vibrates and pulses to the beat of whatever song you’re […]

Mac Chick of the Month

I always knew Mac lovers were obsessive, but I had no idea that it went so far. Apparently there’s even a Mac Chick of the Month. Meet Teemaree, the girl with the world’s stupidest name. But hey, she loves Macs, or at least poses in pictures with them while being scantily clad. Go Teemaree! Source.



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