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Girls of Engineering – University of Illinois

When you think of girls that are going to school for engineering – you probably don’t picture them as particularly attractive. In fact, you’re probably thinking about the mousy girl who has her nose stuck in a book all the time; the girl who isn’t much to look at. Well, the girls at the University […]


I guess, on principle, this picture should be upsetting. It should make me angry. It is very sexist after all. But, after careful consideration, I have decided that I’m not offended. In fact, I think we should make all restaurants work this way too. Women with no shirts get free food! Hell let’s take it […]

Most people are bad tippers

I just read an article called How to Avoid Accidental Overtipping, at 2 Pennies Earned. The gist of the article is that you should tip based on the subtotal, and not the after-tax total. You may be tipping $1-$2 too much ( !! ) every time you eat out. If you’re obsessing over $1 when […]

Some like it hot – Cowgirls Espresso

In most of the country, Starbucks is as good as it gets for coffee. Sure, the coffee is good, and you have lots of choices. But the service is clearly lacking; usually the stores are staffed by high- school teenagers who are more often than not on some sort of chemically induced high. People definitely […]

We would all eat healthier…

If they just made pizza a fruit.

The Heart Attack Grille

In Tempe, Arizona ( never heard of it ) lies the wondrous place that’s called The Heart Attack Grill. Now, the best way to describe the Heart Attack Grill is ‘Hooters on steroids’. If you’ve never heard of Hooters, then that probably means nothing to you. But for everyone who hasn’t been living under a […]



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