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Online Casino Bluebook Review

Online Casinos are still popular these days, despite any potential legality issues. To showcase this, ordered a Linkpost review of their site, which ranks today’s top online casinos. What is Online Casino Bluebook all about? Online Casino Bluebook is a site with one simple purpose – to review and rank the top online casinos. […] Review

What, exactly, is Thoof? Thoof is like Digg or Netscape, but with a bit of a twist. Over at Digg, the Digg Mob pretty much controls everything. If the Mob doesn’t like a story, it’ll get buried, and you may never see it. They claim democracy, but really there’s no such thing. At Thoof, the […]

PayPerPost Review

One of the biggest ( and originally most controversial ) paid posting services, PayPerPost is one that I only recently joined. The concept is simple – you get paid to write a blog post about a specific topic. I don’t write a large number of sponsored posts, and I pick and choose which opportunities to […]

Rubber Stamp Champ Review

Rubber Stamp Champ specializes in selling -surprise- rubber stamps. There are many different sizes of self-inking stamps available, with plenty of customization available. But let’s get back to the basics for a moment – what is a self-inking stamp? Self-inking stamps last for several thousand impressions before you need to add any ink ( which […]

How to Start a Business

I’ve written before about my experiences with forming an LLC, and why I thought it was the best choice for me. I didn’t go into any of the other choices, mainly because they didn’t apply to me. However, LLC’s aren’t right for everyone that wants to form a business. IncParadise shows you the three main […]

AuctionAds Review

This post care of Adam Ferguson from rotten bananas. Leroy asked for some help providing content while he’s sunnin it up in Baltimore. I’ve recently begun using AuctionAds (aff) on my guitar blog, axplay, so how about a review? AuctionAds is an advertising partner that displays relevant eBay auctions on your site. It displays the […]



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