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I give up – Google Wins

After dropping from PR4 to PR1, and then today getting whacked from PR1 to PR0, I’ve pretty much had it with Google. Over the past two years Google has never really been a friend to this site. It didn’t just start when I started selling text links and reviews, it’s been pretty much the whole […]

Logo Designer Needed

I’m in need of a logo for a future project. I am awful at all things graphic, so I turn to you. Anyone out there have some skill in the area of graphic design? I have an interesting idea for a logo, and I’d like to see it brought to life. Drop me a comment […]

Theme Refresh Uploaded

I finished making the updates that I wanted, and uploaded the new theme. Strangely, everything appears to be working. That never, ever happens when I make any coding changes – there’s always something that breaks unexpectedly. But everything appears to be ok in Firefox and IE 7 at least. If you’re using some funky browser, […]

September 2007 Online Earnings Report

So long, September. Not a bad month by my measure, but just slightly worse than August 2007. Three percent worse, if you’re talking about total profit for the month – so nearly even really. Let’s take a quick look at the breakdown: ———- Adsense Income from Adsense dropped 5%, but made up a total of […]

How much money?

For months now, I’ve been posting a monthly recap of my online earnings.  The only catch is that I have never put a set dollar amount on how much I actually earn online.  In the comments of nearly every recap post, someone asks why – and I have to explain why each time. I know […]

August 2007 Online Earnings Report

August 2007 is gone forever – and we’ll never see it again.  That’s pretty much OK with me, since it marked a 32% drop in profit compared to July 2007.  That being said, it still marks my third best month every since I started making money online.  So it was a tough month, but in […]



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