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July 2007 Online Earnings Report

Another month has come and gone, in spectacular fashion. So far this year, May has been my best month – an all time record for me , in fact. Fortunately I’m a fan of breaking records and setting new ones – like I did in July. Compared to June, net profit jumped 59% – not […]

The progress a year can make

I took a minute this evening to make a comparison for myself.  I compared my earnings from the last six months of 2006 ( Jul 1 – Dec 31 ) to the first six months of 2007 ( Jan 1 – Jun 30 ), out of curiosity more than anything.  I knew I had done […]

June 2007 Online Earnings Report

  It’s that time again – time for my monthly online earnings report.  For those who don’t remember, May 2007 was a record profit month for me – by a wide margin.  I knew going into June that it would be tough to build on the successes of May, and possibly even tough to maintain […]

Spam Karma 2 Issues

I installed Spam Karma 2 not too long ago to fight the ridiculous amounts of spam that this blog attracts.  Unfortunately, it sounds like it has been a little too effective, and some of your comments have been trapped in moderation / spam karma hell.  I’m going to play around with the settings to try […]

May 2007 Online Earnings Report

Last month, April 2007 for those of you who don’t follow the calendar, was my best month yet with regards to making money online.  It beat February 2007, which was previously my best month.  The only thing better than having a record-setting month is repeating the performance – I’m happy to say that May 2007 beats […]

Vacation on the way

I’m heading off on vacation starting this Thursday, and I won’t be back until Friday the 25th at the earliest.  I’ve known about this vacation for a few months, and the plan was to have 4 or 5 good posts queued up to auto-post while I was gone.  Naturally I didn’t get around to it, […]



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