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Green Llama Google Toolbar button

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has arrived.  Now each of you can add the Green Llama Google Toolbar button to either your Firefox or IE Google Toolbar.  No longer do you have to go hours or even *gasp* days at a time without seeing our green friend.

Kontera Ads Removed

I have removed the Kontera ads from Green Llama.  The income generated from this site wasn’t enough to justify the annoyance.  I will continue to use Kontera ads elsewhere, and enjoy the money earned. So if by chance, you’ve decided not to visit Green Llama because you hate Kontera ads, feel free to come back […]

April 2007 Online Earnings Report

Following up a tough March, I knew that April had to be better. And fortunately, it was better – a lot better. In fact, it was even better than February 2007, which makes April 2007 my best online income month to date. Total net profit jumped 63%, and it was pretty much positives across the […]

Happy birthday to me

Today I hit the quarter-century mark, so that means a day off.  No work today, and no internet.  Well, a little internet – it’s hard to go cold turkey.  Anyway, off to the movies to enjoy my day.

Be a Guest Blogger at Green Llama

I’m looking for a few guys who would like to contribute some posts from time to time, here at Green Llama. It’s pretty much a post when you can sort of gig – if you can do a post a week, then great. If it’s one a month, that’s great too. I’m just looking for […]

What should my company name be?

Very soon, I’m going to register an LLC, and begin operating my online ventures as a real, live business, rather than my current sole proprietorship method.  Why go through the trouble?  Lots of reasons really, but mainly the limited liability and tax benefits.  I also like the idea of actually owning my own business, and […]



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